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Tort laws are complex. A person who is injured or harmed may sue the person who committed the tort (action) in civil court. A tort may be an intentional act or an unintentional act. If unintentional, it is usually referred to as negligence and occurs when someone fails to use reasonable care to prevent or avoid injury or harm to another person or their property.


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Accidents can and do happen, and when you've been injured due to no fault of your own you should be aware of some ways to ensure that you have a successful outcome in your personal injury case. 

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Wrongful death can happen at any time. Unfortunately, it is more common than most people would like to think. In 2018, wrongful death through medical malpractice was the third leading cause of death, according to John’s Hopkins. When a family member passes away suddenly due to the carelessness of a medical practitioner, it often leaves their loved ones with a financial burden. With help from the right personal injury attorneys, you can file a claim that will help you get through this difficult moment.

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Choosing a lawyer after you’ve been injured can be difficult. Winning your case is important to you, and you may be wondering how to choose a lawyer. You want someone who’s trustworthy and who will truly put their time and effort into helping you fight for your right to be compensated. In order to choose the right lawyer, always take a look at their track record and ratings. When you do call in for a consultation or come in for your first introduction, you should not be afraid to ask questions. Here are the 5 best questions to ask your lawyer.


what are punitive damages in an accident case

After any type of accident case where injuries are involved, individuals will notice two types of damages they can ask for - compensatory and punitive. Knowing the difference between these is important, especially if the damage and injuries are extensive.

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Traumatic Brain Injuries can often be devastating for the affected individual and their family. Head trauma or spinal cord injuries can often prevent an individual from leading a normal life. From the medical recovery to the after-effects like home-care and the inability to work, many families struggle after a TBI. 

how to talk to an insurance adjuster

Talking to an insurance representative by yourself after an accident could be a big mistake. Unfortunately, it’s absolutely true that insurance adjusters are not always fair. An insurance company seeks to pay out the least amount of money, and any representatives you talk to will be looking for ways to diminish your claim. You will have to speak to your insurance company after an accident, but if you’re looking for fair reimbursement, you should have a lawyer speak on your behalf. Here are a few tips to make sure that this part of the settlement is done correctly.

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A truck accident is one of the things drivers fear the most - a collision with a large vehicle such as a truck can result in catastrophic injuries and property damage. It’s vital as a driver to adhere to the rules of the road and remain a safe distance away from trucking, making sure to never cut them off or drive in their blind spot. However, as a driver, there’s only so much you can do. Sometimes the driver of the truck or a malfunction can cause a crash. You should always know what to do immediately after a truck accident in order to make the best series of decisions when you’re caught in this difficult moment.

who is liable in a trucking accident

Once the shock of an accident has worn off, liability in a trucking accident is a major concern for all parties. Unfortunately, trucking accidents can be expensive ordeals because large vehicles often cause extensive damage and injuries. Holding the right party responsible will help ensure that you get the payout you deserve.

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Drunk driving accidents are unfortunately all too common throughout the US. These types of accidents often cause extensive damage and injuries for the parties involved. If you’re injured in an accident because the other driver was under the influence, there’s an inevitable process that you must go through to recover your losses.

Hire a Lawyer After a Car Accident

A car accident is always a traumatic experience, whether you’re involved in a fender-bender or something more serious. In addition to hidden damage to your car, you may end up with injuries that inhibit your normal life. This is why it’s vital to always call the police and an ambulance to receive the necessary health checkup, even if you feel fine. It’s best to call a lawyer who can help you with the paperwork and red tape that the insurance company requires.