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Morcellator | Mass Torts

Power morcellators are medical devices that remove noncancerous growths, typically fibroids, from the uterus. Surgeons often use these when performing hysterectomies and certain kidney and spleen surgeries. Doctors insert these devices through small incisions and remove tissue after cutting and shredding it. Unfortunately, the morcellators also have a risk factor. The devices can put women at increased risk for a aggressive type called leiomyosarcoma. Some women whose surgeons used power morcellators discovered later they had cancer. In many cases, the cancer was aggressive and diagnosed at a late stage. These women sought justice by filing lawsuits against manufactures. The FDA issued serious warnings, saying these devices are not safe for the majority of women undergoing fibroid removals or hysterectomies because of fibroids. A number of insurance companies also weighed in, saying they will not pay for morcellation surgery without prior approval and added that there are safer options available for women.

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